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           Deacon John celebrates 25 years in the Diaconate

In 2021, Deacon John celebrates his 25th Anniversary of being a Deacon. Use this page to leave a special message for him. We started with special messages from his family. Leave a comment below.


My fondest memories of my father:
I grew up in a very loving home with a great family, including my mother, father, sister and brother. Me being the youngest had its perks! Every night my father would pull out his guitar and play songs while we all sang together. Then before I feel asleep he would ask me what I wanted for breakfast the next day. No matter what my young mind would come up with, he would always have it ready on the kitchen table in the morning when I woke up. After we ate we would go out in the front yard and play catch before school, counting how many times we could throw back and forth before it would hit the ground.
As I got older there was softball and baseball in the summer, which he would always coach, and he was such a great coach! Never yelling, always composed, with a little constructive criticism. Just enough to get his point across. Teaching us the right way or a better way to learn to play the game. There were many early morning fishing and hunting trips that we would take together in Delacroix. I started at a young age, and it wasn’t long before this became my passion! I believe it's due to the fact that we would have one on one time, sharing stories and having great conversations. Just having him away from his hectic work schedule and my school and sports schedule, doing something we both loved to do, meant the world to me!
As I excelled in baseball, of course this meant more practices and more games throughout my entire high school and college career. My dad was always there cheering me on! The days of me playing and seeing my dad in the stands was so exciting! To know the man responsible for all of my accomplishments was watching me play at Loyola, a dream I always had come true. It was so special to attend the same university that both my father and mother had attended. A place where they had met years before, got married and started our incredible family.
After college I met the love of my life, and at our wedding at St. Dominic church guess who married us.....none other than my father, the greatest man I have ever known! He also baptized both of my wonderful, incredible, loving boys in the same church.
This is only a pin drop of what my father has done for me and my family. I could go on telling stories about my memories with my father for an eternity. If the future is anything like the past there will be many more memories to come, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible man! Thanks dad for all that you have done for me and continue to do for my family! I will love you forever!



My grandpa is the best. He is the only thing I could ask for. He treats me like a princess. He is always willing to do stuff for me when I need help. He even brings our whole family on vacation. I love when he brings me to museums in other cities. He also brings me to Starbucks and gets me my favorite drink. He will always take me and  my brothers Max, Bowen and Brody to get pizza. My grandpa is always loving and kind. I love my Pops.

I love my Pops!  When I was a little girl and recuperating from surgeries, Pops and I would watch movies. Sometimes 2 or 3 movies in a day!  Then he would play his guitar and sing to me.
He would sing, “Angels Among Us”. Pops would always pray for my healing.  Pops would give me his blessing.
Pops and I both enjoy exploring museums.  We especially like the World War II museum in New Orleans.  We arrive about 10AM and tour the museum then have lunch and explore some more.
Pops is a great picker not just on a guitar but picking blueberries, too. He is fun to be with. He is always kind to me.




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  • Christine Davis Cruse (Tuesday, July 06 21 05:33 am EDT)

    Deacon John baptized both of my children. He made the ceremonies unique and memorable with his music and inspiring words.
    One of the baptisms was just after Katrina and despite all the turmoil at the time, Deacon John carried on like any other time, making the ceremony beautiful.
    Whether at church or somewhere else in the community, Deacon John will always take the time to stop what he is doing and find out how your day is.
    Deacon John is religious, talented and always kind.
    Congratulations on 25 years serving the parish of St Dominic.
    Sincerely, Christine, Carson and Marlea

  • Stephanie (Friday, July 16 21 12:10 pm EDT)

    Good God bless you Deacon John and congratulations on your 25 years of Deaconate service! For many years I have benefitted from your preaching and teaching through internet and television, even though you do not know me personally. I am always lifted to witness you serve with Fr John Restrepo. You are an inspiration to everyone. Love you with my prayers for you.

  • Jim Maguire (Sunday, April 17 22 10:46 am EDT)

    John and his family have been friends for decades. I well remember his first homily so many years ago. Lost props and all. He devoted his life to St. Dominic and its parishioners.

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