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Statement of Purpose

Mission Statement

St. Dominic School exists to provide a Christ-centered academic environment designed to promote the total development of the child by serving the mission of the Roman Catholic Church through the educational process.  This is accomplished by joining in community as St. Dominic Parish to educate in the formation of faith and family; to provide a quality academic foundation; to unite in a nurturing and loving Catholic community through worship, through academic formation, through the promotion of peace and justice, through adaptation to change and diversity, through service, and through recognition of the value and dignity of each individual.



Vision Statement

The vision of St. Dominic School is to teach as Jesus taught.  St. Dominic School strives for the development of the whole child through participation in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.  Highly trained and compassionate teachers provide superior academic preparation through a rigorous curriculum, while promoting the ongoing formation and spiritual growth of the next generation of Catholic leaders to live the Gospel and to meet their full potential in preparation for a life of service in their community.



Guiding Principles

(The Three Pillars)


St. Dominic School… Love, Learn, Live in Faith!



We are effective communicators who show love by building strong relationships that help us better understand and help members of our community.   



We are lifelong learners. 


Live in Faith!

We are agents of change who live through the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic Church.






(Belief Statements)

The St. Dominic School community believes that God has called us to church membership to witness and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We believe that each person is a child of God and deserves respect.
  • We believe that a quality  and rigorous Catholic education teaches the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, academically, and socially.
  • We believe to be a sign of hope and peace in the world and to witness this by our commitment to Catholic education;
  • We believe to preach, teach and live the Gospel as Jesus did and to form a community of faith within the Catholic tradition;
  • We believe to provide opportunities for students to develop academic and aesthetic excellence;
  • We believe to involve parents in the entire educational process since it is their right and their responsibility as the prime educators;
  • We believe in providing highly qualified and compassionate teachers and teaching to students of all cultures, races, religions and economic conditions;
  • We believe to collaborate and communicate the mission and purpose of St. Dominic School with all stakeholders;
  • We believe to impact the quality of life in the Archdiocese by providing a program, which enables students to become agents of change who work for justice.
  • We believe in continuous improvement through research, ongoing education, and implementation of best practices.
  • We believe that the courage and devotion of Saint Dominic provide a model for Catholic education and remind us of our call to love and serve others.





Profile of a St. Dominic School Graduate


A graduate of St. Dominic School:

  • Carries out the St. Dominic mission, vision and guiding principles (pillars): Love, Learn, Live in Faith
  • Understands the Catholic faith and strives to become models of the faith taught at St. Dominic
  • Is well rounded in cognitive, moral, social and spiritual development
  • Strives to be a good citizen, agent of change and is a socially responsible and respected member of his/her community
  • Takes pride in the St. Dominic School educational experience and relies on the foundation received to accept and conquer future challenges
  • Demonstrates strong leadership skills and academic achievement in high schools
  • Serves as a Christian role model daily and is Christ to others


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